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PPR Paperless Process Recorder

Controles de Pasteurización, Instrumentación & Controles

Anderson-Negele’s Paperless Process Recorder (PPR) and cloud based Legendary™ Software. A revolutionary product that creates digital charts, allows digital annotation and streamlines your record approval workflow in accordance to PMO and 21 CFR Part 11 requirements for digital record keeping. Click here to Request a Demo.

The Anderson-Negele Paperless Recorder along with Legendary™ software:

  • Creates digital legal records that meet PMO requirements:
    • No need to worry about chart type, chart scale or chart alignment
    • No production interruption due to mechanical parts issues
  • Allows digital annotation and sign-off:
    • Avoid issues like illegible handwriting, missing initials, ambiguous lines and incomplete charts
  • Allows remote review and sign-off:
    • PCQI can remotely review records, request additional notes and approve records
  • Allows secure storage and easy access of legal records:
    • No need to physically store paper charts
    • No need to flip through stack of charts

Target Applications:

  • Pasteurization
  • Cold Product Recording
  • Clean in Place

Request a demo by filling up this demo form you will get the detailed information about PPR functioning and price