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ILM-4 Inductive Conductivity Sensor

Conductivity Sensors, Modular Platform & IO-Link

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ILM-4: The new generation of conductivity sensors

Anderson-Negele’s ILM-4 inductive conductivity sensor-transmitter offers an all in one design that makes integration and commissioning a fast and simple task. Built with flexibility in mind, the ILM-4 can offer multiple outputs freely configurable to multiple conductivity measurements at independent ranges or a combination of conductivity and temperature. Unlike other inductive sensors, the ILM-4 has a fast reacting integral PT1000 sensor that can be used to monitor process temperature eliminating the need for a second temperature sensing device. Available in multiple wiring configurations, the ILM-4 configurable with single cable operation for simple conductivity applications or dual cable operation to utilize all available output and input capabilities. Standard with all models is an operational range up to 999 mS/cm and temperature compensation over a range of 0° and 150°C.

ILM-4 new generation conductivity sensors

Measurement of conductivity of liquid media for

  • Controlling of CIP processes (e. g. phase separation detergents / water)
  • Concentration measurement (e.g. Alkali and acid concentration in remaking)
  • Monitoring of product quality & quality control

The new conductivity meter ILM-4 is compatible with the predecessor models ILM-2 and ILM-3.

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ILM 4 conductivity meter machined toroid design

PEEK toroid of the ILM-4 conductivity meter doesn’t crack

Demo of the operational screen selection on the ILM-4 conductivity meter

Instructions on how to change the operating range of an ILM-4 conductivity meter

How to change the temperature units on an ILM-4 conductivity meter

How to program the Temperature Compensation parameter of an ILM-4 conductivity meter

How to password protect the programming of an ILM-4 conductivity meter

How to remove the password lock of an ILM-4 conductivity meter


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