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Reparo e Reposição

Obtain Repair / Replacement Estimate by contacting your local distributor.
  • It is not necessary to send many items in for a quote. Our distributors can often provide you with a replacement price based on your model and serial number.
  • Many products are often not repairable since they are permanently sealed and must be replaced.
    • All pressure based level sensors.
    • Pressure transmitters and any gauges with any physical damage to fitting or diaphragm.
    • Digital thermometers
    • Percentage is based on age. Over/less than 5 years old, typically 80% or 90% of new list price.
  • RTDs and Wiring Heads can often be rebuilt at a low fixed charge.


    Obtain an RMA (Return Material Authorization) number by contacting your local distributor.
    • Some items cannot be quoted online and must still be returned
      • All flow products including meters, controllers and printers
      • Recorders, controllers, digital indicators
      • Analytical products including sensors, analyzers and transmitters.
    • Distributors are able to access our secure web site to obtain an RMA and issue directly to you.
    • Follow your distributor’s instructions for shipping.
    • Repairs are performed at our manufacturing facility in Fultonville, NY
      Anderson Instrument Co., Inc.
      Attn: [RMA Number]
      156 Auriesville Road
      Fultonville, NY 12072
    • Returned items having an “Ok to Proceed” will immediately have replacement order placed for new product shipment at standard lead time.
    • Returned items having Quote or Warranty Requests will be evaluated and a repair or replacement quotation prepared and emailed to your distributor within 5-7 days of receiving your item.
    • The distributor has 30 days to respond to the quotation. After the 30 days the item will be scrapped or returned unrepaired.

Anderson performs calibration, evaluations and repairs of existing Anderson products and welcomes your returns.