RZ2AU positive displacement flowmeter

Flow Meter | Dairy Food & Beverage


Anderson’s RZU series flowmeter is a utility version of the industry accepted Accurate RZ series sanitary flowmeter. A lack of polish has made this rugged design suitable for use on corn sweeteners, oils and other products which do not require a 3A approved flowmeter. The RZ2AU provides the same single moving part design and the same high accuracy performance of its polished counterpart making it an attractive replacement for maintenance prone mechanical meters. Measurement is based on the principle of a chamber and rotating piston which create several internal chambers which are alternately filling and emptying as the piston moves in a circular path within the chamber, sensing of pistons position and movement provides the information necessary to measure the exact volume of liquid which has passed through the flowmeter. Measuring accuracy of ± .15% over operational range is achieved through quality manufacturing of a proven precision design. Coupling the simplicity of the measuring chamber with a fully electronic transducer, the RZ2AU can provide years of maintenance free, accurate service.

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