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Anderson-Negele Launches D3 Differential Pressure Level Transmitter

D3’s best-in-class performance provides accurate and repeatable level measurement in any closed or pressurized vessel.

17 May 2018

FULTONVILLE, NY – Today, Anderson-Negele, a leading worldwide provider of hygienic instrumentation, introduced the new D3 Differential Pressure Level Transmitter broadening its portfolio of hygienic sensors for processors of food, beverage, and dairy products. The D3 is designed to be the go-to transmitter for any level applications with pressure and/or vacuum conditions in the head space of the vessel. With accurate, reliable, and repeatable level measurement, the D3 provides the best-in-class temperature performance that will help the customer gain confidence in their process control and continue production with less unplanned downtime.

“The D3 Differential Pressure Level Transmitter is the most complete electronic Differential Pressure Level Transmitter in the market,” said Ashish Maharjan, Product Manager, Anderson-Negele. “Its outstanding performance, integration of dual mA outputs and easy to use display interface helps customers monitor and control product level and head pressure accurately and conveniently.”

The D3 is a lower cost solution to differential level applications without compromising performance. Unlike other differential pressure products, dual mA output is a standard feature of the D3 which removes the specific need for HART® interface or an additional transmitter to monitor the head pressure in a closed vessel. This reduces the risk of over-pressurization and helps reduce safety risk and maintain the quality and consistency of the product being produced.

The D3’s integrated tank and density compensation allows mA output to be scaled to the mass or volume of the product in the tank, eliminating the dependency on PLC programming for basic volumetric conversion and saving time and effort during commissioning.

“The D3 helps me track product in my tank with great repeatability and accuracy” said Bob Barnhart, the Maintenance Supervisor at Saputo Dairy. “The installation was very simple, and I am going to replace other differential transmitters in my plant with more D3s.”

With best in class temperature compensation, standard dual outputs, on board configurations, and field configurable modular design the new D3 Differential Pressure Level Transmitter truly is the go-to transmitter for any level application in a closed or pressurized vessel.

The D3 Differential Pressure Level Transmitter is available now. To learn more about the D3 Differential Pressure Level Transmitter, you can visit their website at

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About Anderson-Negele
Anderson-Negele is a global instrumentation company with the mission to provide complete sensor solutions & services for hygienic process engineers in dairy, food, and pharmaceuticals. In short, it ensures safe production of anything you can eat, drink, rub onto, or inject into your body.

Anderson-Negele serves its global customers from its global headquarters and full functional staff in Fultonville, NY, European headquarters and fully functional staff from its Bavaria, Germany facility, and sales and service team members around the world.




For further information, contact:
Ashish Maharjan, Product Manager, Anderson-Negele
(518) 922-9266