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Milestone on the way to the FDA M-b: AMDERC officially recommends the PPR Paperless Process Recorder

The Atlantic Midwest Dairy Equipment Review Committee (AMDERC) has now issued an official statement unanimously recommending to FDA that the PPR be considered for issuance of a Memorandum of Milk Ordinance Equipment Compliance (M-b).

2 Aug 2022

The M-b is a letter which is issued by the FDA to show that a particular device/system has been found to be compliant with a section or application within the PMO. Before the FDA will issue a M-b an in-depth technical product review by one of the US Regional Dairy Equipment Review Committees is required. A Memorandum-b gives state dairy regulators confidence that the product meets all PMO requirements and reduces the complexity and risk of each state approving a new piece of technology following their own review. The FDA has never issued a M-b for an electronic recorder/controller to be used in pasteurization applications and Anderson-Negele’s PPR will soon be the first digital recorder and controller to achieve this.

After nearly 15 months of in-depth product review, the clear vote of 17:0 in favor of the recommendation indicates that all AMDERC members consider the digital technology of PPR and its software Legendary to be equivalent to or superior of the antiquated paper chart recorder/controllers.

M-b also applies backwards to all PPR already installed

After the positive recommendation by the AMDERC, the issuance of the Memorandum-b by the FDA is now considered imminent. This memorandum will then also apply retrospectively to all PPRs already installed in dairies and milk processing plants across North America. This will give all users the assurance that they can already benefit today from the advantages of the PPR for significantly simplified process control, quality monitoring and data archiving, and will soon have an equipment M-b which verifies all PMO regulatory requirements. A PPR can easily be installed in place of an existing chart recorder and connected to the same sensors, so that a changeover to digital process monitoring can be made easily, quickly and without complications.

For more information on the significant benefits of PPR and the accompanying Legendary software, please visit our "Quick Start Guide".

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