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It’ so easy: Digital Process Monitoring with PPR

PMO compliant Digital Process Monitoring gets easier and more reliable with PPR Paperless Process Recorder and LegendaryTM cloud based software

24 Nov 2021

PPR is a PMO-compliant digital recorder system that can be used in pasteurization, CIP, COP, raw and sterile silo monitoring and in general any application that requires monitoring of process parameters like temperature, flow, pressure, level, conductivity, turbidity etc.

Legendary™ is a cloud-based software that securely stores records from all PPRs of a plant in a single location. It allows authorized persons to conveniently access, review and approve those records remotely from the office desk or any other location using any web-enabled device all while meeting PMO compliance.

It’s so easy ... to avoid consumables cost

PPR Digital process monitoring

  • The fully digital PPR Paperless Process Recorder and cloud-based Legendary™ Software eliminates recurring expenses on paper charts, pens, ink cartridges, pen arms, motors, and other mechanical parts.

Start saving money with digital recording!

It’s so easy ... to avoid unplanned downtimes

The digital PPR technology works without pen arms, motors and other moving parts. Plant downtime due to mechanical failures and MRO events are a thing of the past.

Get more reliable data recording!

It’s so easy to go digital and remain PMO compliant

You can easily connect all existing sensors of your application to the PPR unit. Operators can check all trendlines, add annotations, and approve them directly on PPR’s touch screen display. You can also add annotations and approve records remotely from Legendary™ cloud software all while remaining PMO compliant.

Grow your productivity with digital PMO control!

It’s so easy ... to review and approve records

With Legendary™ QA can review and approve records from all PPRs of your plant remotely and have them Ready-for-Audit by state inspector. That reduces handling time and human error and makes Legendary™ an indispensable tool for quality management.

Save time in process and error handling!

It’s so easy ... to store and retrieve records

Legendary™ securely saves all historical records and makes them available at the fingertips of the authorized users. No need to worry about charts getting wet, torn, damaged or lost while handling or storing.

Keep full control of your own data!

It’s so easy ... to accelerate digital transformation

The PPR and Legendary™ can do more than just legal data logging. Through data evaluation, the system has potential for process optimization at the plant. Process flows can be more easily controlled, and potential errors in the processes can be detected and eliminated.
Get more efficiency into your processes!

Get more efficiency into your processes!

Take the easy way to digital transformation in process recording. Check out our PPR Product Page and our Quick Start Guide page. Just click here!