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Beverage and Juice Production with Refractometer

How to optimize the inline blending process, ensure product quality and save costs: beverage and juice production with the refractometer IRM-11

26 Oct 2020

The inline Brix analysis of products enables automated and highly accurate process control and quality monitoring in many applications. Especially for the processes of blending and filling juices, syrups, nectars, soft drinks, and other beverages, the refractometer IRM-11 can …
  • measure and monitor the quality of the components with high accuracy
  • control the dosage during the blending of the products with high precision
  • ensure during filling that the correct product with the correct quality is in the process

In beverage production, syrups, juice concentrates, or other components are usually blended with water according to specified recipes, then stored in stacking tanks, and finally filled into bottles or containers, which are often product-specific. If a preliminary component, e.g., a juice concentrate, does not precisely meet the specifications or if the blending process itself is incorrect, e.g., caused by a wrong valve switching, the entire product may be defective. It is also possible that the wrong product is bottled due to incorrect phase transition. If this is only detected during the final quality control, a complete production batch may have to be discarded.

Read in the full application report how the IRM-11 refractometer can bring a sulution! Just click here.