Risk Assessment: Cooling Circuit Breakdown Due to Leaking Media


What happens when your primary cooling circuit breaks down?

If water enters the glycol circuit through leaks in the cooling system, it's invisible to the eye.

Possible consequences:

  • The concentration of the glycol coolant can drop too far and cause the pipes of the primary cooling circuit to freeze
  • Cooling is interrupted
  • The pipes can burst
Application Brochure:

Application Detail

Your Possible Damage

The primary cooling circuit must be repaired and completely refilled with glycol.


  • Repair costs for defective components such as burst pipes or other components
  • Complete refilling with glycol
  • Loss of production during the repair

Without cooling, a complete production batch or storage tank can become completely unusable before the problem is identified and addressed.


  • Complete loss of product value

The Solution

Continuous monitoring of the glycol concentration with the IRM-11 inline refractometer

  • Automatic, active monitoring of the concentration with alarm signaling when the value falls below a specified preset value.
  • Easy installation, compact design, reliable function