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NSL-F: Precise Continuous High-Speed Level Measurement now also with IO-Link

3 Jul 2019

The extremely flexible potentiometric level sensor NSL-F, which can be adapted to the most demanding ...

ITM-51: The first turbidity sensor with IO-Link is now available

6 Jun 2019

Anderson-Negele introduce ITM-51, the first turbidity sensor with IO-Link. The family of Flex-Hybrid sensors with ...

Now available: Conductivity sensor with IO-Link

29 Mar 2019

ILM-4 with IO-Link: The conductivity sensor will be the first sensor equipped with both digital ...

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Trade Fairs

India International Dairy Expo 2019 (IIDE)

18 Feb 2019

Anderson-Negele India participates in IIDE 2019 India's Biggest Dairy Exhibition...

Lounges 2019: Aseptic by Design for Life Science

13 Feb 2019

Lounges 2019: Aseptic by Design for Life Science. Anderson-Negele presented its sensor technology specially adapted ...

BrauBeviale Nuremberg: Great visitor’s interest in new sensors and IO-Link

22 Nov 2018

With several new developments the specialist for hygienic sensor technology, Anderson-Negele, presented itself on the ...

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Company Announcements

Maximum client satisfaction with conductivity sensor ILM-4 in CIP (clean-in-place) process

2 Jul 2019

Conductivity measurement with ILM-4 offers clear benefits to the users. A highly specialised equipment manufacturer ...

Consistent craft beer quality thanks to turbidity measurement

3 Jun 2019

Efficient separator control in brewery with turbdity sensor ITM-51...

CIP cleaning for food trucks

26 Mar 2019

Efficient certified and approved CIP cleaning ...

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