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Differential pressure and level sensor D3

Advanced, Modular & Reliable D3 Differential Pressure and Level Sensor. An optimal solution for your process efficiency

25 Jul 2018

More efficient processes for pressurized tanks:
With the new D3 differential pressure and level sensor, Anderson-Negele is expanding its product spectrum of sensors that enhance process reliability for the food industry. The level in pressurized tanks, the head or system pressure or the differential pressure for filter monitoring can now be measured with even greater precision.

High-precision level measurement:
The more precise the measurements are when supplying production with liquid or pasty media, the more efficiently these media can be used. The intelligent hydrostatic measurement technology of the D3 enables high-precision measurement of the level, even in pressurized or vacuum tanks. The D3 features two analog interfaces that transmit differential pressure and head or system pressure to the process control system in parallel. The precise differential pressure measurement also permits effective filter monitoring.

Flexible installation in a wide variety of applications:
The remote version makes it possible to mount the head unit up to 15 m away in a location that is protected against vibrations and high temperatures. The signal transmission between the individual sensor elements is purely digital and temperature-independent, and thus avoids the types of measurement errors that are typical of capillary systems. The modular structure permits customized adaptations and installation of the device in existing systems.

Volume measurement for all tank shapes:
Vessel geometry and media density are important parameters for precise volume measurement. Measurements can be displayed directly in the desired units (e.g. liters, kg or gallons) on the D3 display. Temperature fluctuations and changes in density are already factored into the level calculation and are corrected for automatically. Standard values are already integrated for this purpose and are available immediately, and it is also possible to enter customer-specific data individually using a simple procedure.

Developed for the food industry:
The D3 was designed for the food industry operations such as dairies, breweries and other beverage manufacturers. In this sector, hygienic production conditions and complex cleaning procedures place high demands on the process equipment on account of the varying water or steam temperatures and rapid pressure changes. Sterile tanks in dairies are a typical example of process and storage vessels that are variably pressurized. With the D3 you can monitor and control the individual process steps with a high degree of precision, which in turn will enable you design them with even greater efficiency.

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