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Risk Assessment: Quality defects due to wrong sugar concentration

Food & Beverage

What happens if the sugar content of a drink or juice is not correct??

To guarantee a customer a consistent taste experience, the sugar content of a soft drink, juice or other beverage has to be exactly in the specified value. Control in the production, mixture or filling process which is not precise enough may lead to deviation sugar concentration and taste.

Possible consequences:

• Drinks may be produced and filled with a “wrong” taste

• The products may be further processed, filled and packed before the error is detected in the final quality control

Application Brochure:

Application Detail

Your possible damage

The entire product value of the production batch may be lost

» Depending on the batch volume several thousand liters of drinks value get lost

» Depending on the recipe, other valuable ingredients may become unusable

» If the defect is only detected after filling, further costs for the process, packaging material etc. will be incurred

The solution

Continuous precision inline monitoring of the sugar concentration with the IRM-11 refractometer

» Automatic, active monitoring of the concentration with alarm signal when the value falls below a specific pre-set value

» Easy installation and set-up, also retrofitting for existing plants is easily possible