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Fully automated level monitoring in dairy processing and storage silos


MAHANAND DAIRY, a unit of the MRSDMM (Maharashtra Rajya Sahakari Dudh Mahasangh Maryadit), produces dairy specialties such as its well-known Lassi or flavored milk drinks. It also has made significant growth and improvement in productivity, quality control, energy conservation and cost management by a dedicated upgrade of its facilities and processes. Due to seasonal fluctuations in milk supplies coming from all over Maharashtra, Mahanand diversified the production into liquid milk and several other value-added milk products, but also installed its own Milk Powder Plant of 30 tons per day capacity. Anderson-Negele is proud to be a reliable partner of this esteemed brand for the support of its economical success.

Application Brochure:


Customer Testimonial

"To provide a consistent quality for many different products we looked for the maximum automation within the very precise specifications. With the LAR pressure sensors we have a full control of the level inside all our tanks, even those with stirring devices inside. With only one type of sensor for all applications we achieve the best quality and can reduce our maintenance and replacement stock to a minimum."

Mr. Bhavesh Patil, Deputy Manager, Mahanand Dairy

Application Advantages

  • Sealed measurement cell without any contact to atmosphere – no drift problems caused by condensation
  • Hermetically closed measuring cell (condensation proof)
  • Process temperature up to 130 °C
  • Very high accuracy and long-term stability
  • Front flush installation, no rod protruding into the vessel

Application Detail

Overview of Application

Indian dairy tradition has been the source of a diversity of milk and by-products such as Buttermilk, Lassi (Sweet thick milk) or Flavored milk specialties. Mahanand dairy is well known brand of these products which are much appreciated by customers. To maintain the high quality of the end products, a precise level monitoring in the storage as well as in the process tank is a crucial requirement.

The Anderson-Negele solution

The LAR Climatic independent sensor plays a vital role in providing an accurate hydrostatic level measurement, under the conditions of rapidly changing process temperatures and mechanical devices inside the tanks. This technology helps to automate all processes for the different products, no human intervention is required for managing the level control. The outcome are a constant and reproducible quality, improved efficiency and better economy.

Special application for Lassi

For this Indian specialty raw milk is standardized for the fat content, then it is heated to 90 ºC and homogenized. After cooling down to 30 – 32 ºC , it’s inoculated with lactic culture and incubated to attain the pH of 4.5. The curd is broken with the help of a power-driven agitator. Sugar syrup (25 % syrup) is added to the mix to give 12 % sugar concentration in the blend. Low methoxy pectin after making solution in water/ syrup can also be added at this stage as a stabilizer to improve the appearance and mouth feel. The mixture can be flavored with rose water and homogenized to improve body and texture. It is packed and stored at refrigeration temperature.

Special application for Flavored milk

For this special product type many variations, tastes and refinements can be created based on specific recipes, so the precise measurement of each ingredient is essential. The raw milk is also standardized and heated up to 74 °C. In the process tank sugar is added into the milk with constant agitation until it is completely dissolved. The mix is homogenized at about 74 – 75 °C. For pasteurization the homogenized milk is pumped into the pasteurization tank for 30 minutes at 74 °C. After cool the product to 5 °C additional desired flavor and color can be added before bottling.

Special application for Buttermilk

Milk is boiled and then cooled to 30º – 35 ºC. It is added with curd culture or previous day’s curd at the rate of 1.0 to 1.5 %. Milk is allowed to set overnight. Set curd is stirred using a steel stirrer with impellers driven by a small rope in to-and from circular motion. During this action, small grains of butter are formed and raised to top of the vessel, and it is scooped out from time to time. When all the butter is recovered, the residual watery fluid remains as butter milk.

Product Advantages

  • Precise continuous hydrostatic level measurement
  • Precision < 0,075 % of the full scale
  • Very high accuracy and long-term stability
  • Condensation proof, ideal for exterior vessels
  • Housing and diaphragm completely made in stainless steel
  • Process temperature up to 130 °C, CIP/SIP up to 140 °C / 30 min.
  • Installation in vessels from below or at the side
  • Hygienic thread G1" (CLEANadapt) and different direct connections (Tri-Clamp, Varivent®, DIN 11851, ..) available