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Plataforma Modular

We at Anderson-Negele always thrive for innovation and continuous improvement because kaizen is our way of life. After detailed research and customer feedback we have created two highly customized Modular Sensor Platforms which brings more flexibility in the configuration, simplifies repairs using standardized components which are easily interchangeable and allow repairs on site.

Our two-modular sensor platform can offer:

All our Modular Sensor Platforms products are available with Remote option as well. The Modular Sensor Platform also provides a major benefit for our customers in terms of reducing their maintenance, warehousing cost and lead time.

Our Modular Platform Concept gives maximum amount of versatility to our customers and makes our products user friendly on site allowing the plant operator to choose the measurement system that optimally matches the needs of the process. At the same time, costs for unnecessary features are avoided. Easy to use customer interface reduces set-up time.

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