Vat Pasteurization Controls Package

Controles de Pasteurización

Vat Pasteurization Electronic Controls Package offers: All electronic components; Easy-to-read digital display; All stainless steel probes providing durability in harsh conditions; NEMA 4X case withstands multiple washdowns and high-humidity environments; 12″ circular charts for maximum readability.

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Introduction to the Anderson-Negele Vat Pasteurization System


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Piezas De Repuesto

60500401Pen Cartridge - Green
60500402Pen Cartridge - Red
50033701Nema 4 X Panel Gasket
0021530790-190 12Hr (Std °F Range) Chart
002153030-200 24Hr (If Pasteurization Is Above 160°F) Chart
0021535730-90 12 Hr (Std °C Raneg) Chart