LS solves “sticky” problem for yogurt plant

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Application Brochure:

Detalle de aplicación

The Application

Empty Tank Alarm on Yogurt Culture Vessels

The Requirements

The plant installed vibrating “tuning fork” level switches on all four of their yogurt culture tank discharge lines, and used them to automate changeover and/or shutdown as tanks became empty. Because the product is viscous sometimes the tuning forks would not signal “empty” due to bridging of the product across the forks. This caused the discharge pumps to run dry and downstream production to run out of product unexpectedly. We were asked by the controls integrator if Anderson could supply a sensor that was less likely to “foul” in the application.

The Anderson-Negele Solution

We supplied a sample LS sensor with a tri-clamp fitting to test in the application. Because the LS does not rely on a change in the frequency of vibration and only requires a change in capacitance in order to trigger, we felt confident that it would switch the moment the pipe was no longer full. As expected, it performed flawlessly for several cycles at which point they ordered 3 more to replace the remaining competitive units.

Typical Applications

  • Pump Protection
  • Empty or Full Vessel Indication / Alarming
  • Level Detection in Pipes and Vessels
  • Presence/Absence of Product in Pipes
  • Low Conductivity Fluids (Liquid Sugars, Deionized Water,etc.)
  • Foamy or Viscous Fluids (Syrups, Concentrates, etc.)