COW water monitoring with an ITM-4


Application Brochure:

Detalle de aplicación

The Application

COW (condensate of whey) water that is re-used in a dairy plant has a turbidity meter installed in the piping before the water is sent to a storage tank.

The Requirements

When COW water is re-used in a plant , PMO regulations require that a turbidity meter monitor the water that is used and that the turbidity measures less than 5 NTU.

The Anderson Solution

Prior to discharge into the re-use water storage tank an ITM-4 monitors the water turbidity. When the measured turbidity exceeds the 5 NTU limit, the ITM-4 sends a signal to connected controls which will divert the out of spec water to drain preventing contamination of the stored water.

The Anderson Advantage

  • LED lamp technology provides significantly longer life than other illumination methods
  • Four-beam technology offers continuous compensation for lense fouling reducing the need to service optics
  • Integral switched output reduces the complexity of integration into a plant process by controlling the output to a user programmable set point of 5 NTU.

Application Drawing