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Food, Beverage and Dairy
Food, Beverage and Dairy

Point Level Sensors: NVS Point level sensor mini with thread M12 (CLEANadapt)

Gap optimized, capacitive limit detection for the pharmaceutical industry in metallic vessels and pipes with a hygienic direct connection

Types: NVS-061 / NVS-063 / NVS-066 / NVS-081 / NVS-083 / NVS-086

  • Reliable full / empty detection of aqueous and conductive media in metallic pipes and vessels
  • Sensor head 18 mm
  • Electrodes can be shortened as required
  • Fermenter, Tri-Clamp, BioControl, Varivent®
  • Independent of the conductivity of the medium
  • Extended measuring range Dk>=2
  • Incl. Certificates

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