High Product and Water Saving during Milk Pasteurization with advanced ITM-3

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Application Detail

Aveena Milk Products Pvt Ltd – is completely designed to function as a one-stop solution to cater all the aspects of dairy production right from packaging to delivery. Based in Roorkee, Bhagwanpur Aveena Milk is one of the most advance dairies and well known for their quality standards. They are the early adapters of the hygienic systems and have set the International benchmarks to deliver the best quality Milk under the brand name Aveena Milkā€¦
Aveena Milk Products Pvt Ltd has installed ITM-3 in their pasteurization process for phase separation of milk and water.
Note: The sensor type ITM-3 has been replaced by teh new and more efficient model ITM-51.

The Requirements

Aveena Roorkee plant had an issue of losing milk during milk pasteurization. They wanted to monitor milk and water phase separation during the start-up and end-of milk pasteurization. Their main objective was to get rid of milk loss during the start-up and end-of milk pasteurization along with the time based manual operation.