Improvised high temperature CIP return lines with Calorimetric Flow Switch FTS-141

Application Brocher:

Application Detail

BAMUL Dairy – The Bangalore Urban, Rural & Ramanagara District Co-Operative Milk Producers societies Union Ltd. (BAMUL) was established during 1975 under operation flood II by keeping AMUL as its role model. The BAMUL is a unit of Karnataka co-operative Milk Producers Federation (KMF) which is the Apex Body in Karnataka representing Dairy Farmers Co-operatives. It is the second largest Dairy Co-Operative amongst the Dairy Co-Operatives in the country. In south India it stands first in terms of procurement as well as sales. The Brand NANDINI is the house hold name for Pure and Fresh Milk and Milk Products. The Bangalore Dairy is one of the most beautiful Dairies in India b y adopting Computer Controlled State of the Art Technology.

The Requirements

Bamul Bangalore Plant was facing issue in their CIP return lines where the installed flowswitches were continuously failing due to high temperature CIP chemicals above 80 °C. They were looking for better alternative flow switch which can sustain such high temperature and provide better results in terms of quality and avoid failures.

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