Alimentación y bebidas, lácteos
Alimentación y bebidas, lácteos

D3 Differential Pressure and Level Sensor

Sensores de Nivel, Sensores de Presión

Differential pressure measurement in pressurized tanks, differential pressure measurement for filter monitoring.

  • Parallel display of differential pressure and head or system pressure in the display and two mA output interfaces
  • Pressure sensor and electronics using digital signaling to avoid negative impact of temperature changes
  • Simple and reliable remote wire cable avoid frequent recalibration
  • Improved temperature compensation reduces errors in process temperature changes
  • Graphical user interface with intuitive settings
  • Integrated tank linearization and density compensation in the sensor
  • Due to the modular design, components of the sensor can be replaced on site
  • Optionally one or two remote pressure sensors
  • Predefined and customized tank geometries and product properties adjustable
  • 2x standard 4 … 20mA interfaces incl. HART 7.0 communication
  • Measuring range from -1 … 35 bar
  • Total length between two pressure sensors up to 30m

Application examples:

  • Level measurement in pressurized vessels and tanks
  • Measurement in breweries lauter tun vessels
  • Measurement in sterile tanks in dairy

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D3 Dual Output


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