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Refractometer IRM-11: Constant product quality through fast and precise inline Brix measurement

As an inline analysis method, the IRM-11 continuously and precisely measures the concentration of sugar, salt or lactose.
This enables the highly accurate determination of the alcohol content, the mixing ratio of juices, mixed drinks and soft drinks or the dry mass in dairy products.

2 Sep 2019

In many applications in the food industry, precise adherence to the proportion of dissolved substances such as sugar, salts or lactose is decisive for consistent product quality. To monitor these values, the optical measurement method of the refractive index by means of a refractometer is a suitable and frequent method. In liquid media, the density and thus the refractive index vary when the proportion of dissolved particles in the liquid changes.

Less working time and less product loss = more efficiency and more profit

Inline analysis of the °Brix, °Plato or nD index value offers enormous potential for increasing efficiency and quality, especially if measurements have already been taken using hand refractometers. To avoid process deviations, these manual measurements must be taken at very short intervals, often every 20 minutes. Measurement with the IRM-11, on the other hand, takes place fully automatically at the desired time interval (adjustable from 2 s). This saves approx. 1 man-hour of working time per shift and the employees can devote themselves to other tasks without interruption. In addition, with manual measurement e.g. every 20 minutes, the entire product output between two measurements can be defective. IRM-11 can avoid these product losses by ist permanent measuring procedure. The simple installation guarantees precise operation already during mixing in the tank or accurate adjustment during the process. IRM-11 is fully temperature compensated and therefore always delivers precise results, even with rapid temperature fluctuations.

In these typical applications IRM-11 offers substantial benefits:

- Brewery: measurement of mash concentration and wort, determination of alcohol content after Fermenter

- Production of juices / mixed drinks: concentrate measurement and control of the end product dosage for constant quality, mixture quality control, product transition control

- Dairy: Determination of dry matter in milk and whey

- Wine production / distilleries: continuous determination of the sugar or alcohol content in the running process

Principle of operation of the Refractometer IRM-11:

An LED light source directs light into the process media. The density of the liquid will directly impact the speed of light changing the index of refraction. A receiver array which senses the index of refraction communicates a temperature compensated value in the scale of the customer’s choosing.The units are communicated in °Brix, °Plato, refractive index nD, or other units depending on scale selection.

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