Reliable empty indication in quark tank despite presence of foaming residual medium


Application Brochure:

Detalle de aplicación

The requirements

In a mixing tank for cream, quark and yogurt, the empty indication is verifi ed by means of a point level switch. Until now, a conductive rod probe was used along with evaluation electronics installed in an external switch cabinet. However, this probe erroneously output a “medium present” signal (full indication) when residual medium in the tank foamed up during cleaning of the tank. This caused the mono pump to switch on, which ran dry after a short period because of the absence of medium in the tank. As a result, the system switched into a malfunctioning state, interrupting the cleaning cycle and requiring a manual restart.

The Anderson-Negele solution

The NCS-L-11/50 point level switch features a special design with a probe tip that is off set inwards by 50 mm. This has a two-fold purpose. It ensures that adhesive media like quark or yogurt can be reliably detected in the tank, and it enables the sensitivity of the probe to be adjusted to a variety of media.

The advantages

  • The device can diff erentiate between foam and product.
  • Due to the internal evaluation electronics, external devices (in a switch cabinet) are not required.
  • A conical sight window (option) in the cover allows the switching state display to be viewed from any direction.

Why the dairy chose Anderson-Negele

  • The NCS-L-11/50 point level switch reliably detects the product level in the tank.
  • Cleaning times are optimized. The cleaning cycle is no longer interrupted by foam caused by residual media in the tank.
  • The switch ensures that the mono pump does not run dry.
  • Maintenance costs are lower. Service or production staff no longer need to manually intervene or restart the equipment.