Reliable empty signal in the cosmetics tank at L‘Oréal

Industria farmacéutica

Application Brochure:

Detalle de aplicación

The requirements

In a tank for different pasty cosmetic products – like skin creams – the empty signal is monitored by a limit switch, also protecting against dry-running of the mono pump. Previously employed sensors repeatedly caused incorrect readings due to adherent media. This enabled the pumps to run dry, allowing air to flow into the filling process, which caused interruptions in production

The Anderson-Negele solution

The NCS-L-12/18 limit switch has a specific design with a sensor tip that is 18 mm longer compared to the standard sensor. This ensures that the cosmetic products in this application – like cream – do not adhere to the sensor and can be measured reliably. Moreover, the sensor sensitivity is adjustable to all different kinds of media.

The advantages

  • It reliably distinguishes between „contains medium“ (= full signal) and „contains no medium“ (= empty signal).
  • A control window in the lid of the device displays the respective switching state.

Why L‘Oreal opted for the NCS-L-12/18

  • The NCS-L-12/18 limit switch allows you to reliably measure the filling level within the tank.
  • It ensures that the mono pump does not run dry and that there are no incorrect readings that would lead to loss of production.