20-Mar-12 12:00

What's Foam?

A new generation of sensor for fill level guarantees maximum reliability, even with the most difficult applications.

The NSL, a descendant of the proven NSK potentiometric level probe, really shows its strengths where other established technologies, such as float detectors, capacitive probes or guided radar reach their limits.

For the first time, with this probe, two measurement principles work in parallel, which ensures secure operation even with frequently changing media, foam or strong adhesion, such as with viscous media. This new measuring technology is used in several products from the NSL series.

With the NSL-M for the first time we are introducing a fill level probe with two-wire technology to the market. The NSL-M is one of the most compact hygienic fill-level sensors in the world. Using new mechanical construction, the connecting head has a diameter of just 23 mm (0.9"). It can easily be installed in existing process connections of G1/2" or larger.

The NSL-F is a one-to-one replacement for the well-known NSK series. However, the NSL-F has been noticeably improved to better fulfill the needs and requirements of the user. Thanks to the compact construction, electronics with LCD display and the modular design, it's possible to alter the configuration or to make conversions directly on site. Naturally, in addition to the LCD, the NSL-F also includes a PC interface that allows sensor settings to be changed on a computer.

Some other advantages of the NSL series at a glance:

  • Plug and play sensor
  • Installation from above or below
  • No need to change setting if the medium is changed
  • Sensor for internal parameters can be set by the user at any time 

If you would like to know more about the NSL level sensor please use our feedback form. One of our customer service representatives will contact you shortly.


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